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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  January 5, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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and ford. we go further, so you can. captioned by media cess group at wgbh the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables.
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there are several good reasons why they haven't fixed it. >> problem solver on the case tonight. >> . when she purchased her colorado dream home. >> it was really glad to move out. but i'm starting to question. >> months after moving in. her front yard began to settle. then. her driveway. >> . everything right there is sinking. >> so much so. every time it rains or snows. the water now flows right towards her house. >> . desperately. terrified.
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structure. skpwhr. you can't see the this ball demonstrates exactly what she's talking about. should roll down the driveway. but it gets stuck somewhere in the middle. >> the driveway is covered under a one year warranty. the contractor promised to take care of it. >> she's tire of waiting. >> it's frustrating. >> she hired a lawyer. and put a sign up. to try and shame him into doing something. in the meantime. her problems continue to pile up. >> there's a definite ridge. it's like just a ridge. >> her foundation also appears to be settling. >> you see the line. that's not a seem. that's carpet. >> .
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was hoping for. >> we did speak with two representatives. both say the legal proceedings are now delaying them from fixing the driveway. in a sudden and unusual twist to all this. the company is threatening to sue her for deaf defamation. for putting that sign in her front yard. >> . breaking breaking news in asia. north korea. it completed a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> the government called for an emergency meeting to discuss the
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>> . the sheriff says there's more use of force incidents within jail walls. than out on the streets. >> . asking for help finding her sons lost smart phone. and thanks to a special app. they have a photograph of the man who found it. they just don't know who he is. >> . new tonight. live to explain how it works. and how you could help. >> with this app. if the password is wrong. it will snap a photograph. >> puppies are a huge responsibility. so she delegates her to do list
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>> he remembers an app. called the locker. sure enough somebody had found it. phone. a few times. >> . here's how it works. somewhere. and then walk away. and someone else finds it. if ipicks it up and tries to unlock it. when the password is wrong. it snaps a photograph. then. sends you an e-mail. hey. she looks familiar. >> it's cool. yeah. i should put it on my phone. >> . once she got the e-mail. >> i put it out there. >> she shared it on facebook. to put a name to this mystery man. >> . my initial hope is somebody would recognize that. recognize him.
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so they can get the phone back. no questions asked. >> . they have called a bunch of times. but nobody ever answers. if you recognize this guy. let us e know so we can get the phone back to where it belongs. >> this happened over the weekend. he rang the doorbell first and walked in. startling the homeowner. the suspect ran off. stoppers. >> aurora m accus o housing gay r away. in exchange for sex. facing more charges after prosecutors discover a new under age victim. facing 16 counts including exposing someone to hiv. his attorneys asked a judge to dismiss some of the counts. but the judge refused.
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investigators say the 49 year-old is hiv positive. and never used protection. even though witnesses tell police orgies were common. detectives believe about a dozen men between 16 and 21 were living at the house. given alcohol. drugs. iphones and clothes. in exchange for sex. >> . tonight he's free on bond. >> . a mom. her son and a stranger. who came into their lives after someone else crashed swao them.
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>> . that stranger being hailed a good samaritan. for what he did to stop a hit and run driver. >> he is. especially by the woman. and her son. who were getting got off the bus and almost hit the other day. now they told me tonight that they want to reach out to him. in order to say thank you.
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>> . moving forward is something she is used to. >> wolf was her 18 year-old brother. in 2004. he was struck and killed by a drunk. hit and run driver. while crossing this same stretch of colfax. >> . i'd say like 3 or 4 blocks from this spot. my family hasn't been the same. >> this is also the second time the community has helped bring justice.
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denver resident who uses a sidewalk still covered in snow and ice is angry. because it's still not shoveled. nearly two weeks after our last storm. >> she reached out to the problem solvers. to help her get some answers. >> >> this story started with a viewer tip. from jack e aus ten. >> i want denver to do what the hell they're supposed to do. and clean the sidewalk.
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is here. at first avenue. between downing. >> . sure enough. it's a slick and icy mess. >> . so. we called the denver country club general manager. and he said we need to call denver parks and recreation. >> which we did. >> . then maintenance engineer from ready to plow. >> . it's not a park. and not a recreation.
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the denver parks and regular recreation. which was great news. >> . it's about bloody time. >> . sometimes the squeak reu wheel gets the grease. in this case the plow. >> that stretch of sidewalk is their responsibility because
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>> a few clouds around see thicker clouds. rolling in. we'll see more and more snow. building. coming up through the central mountains and across i 70.
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we get to late tomorrow. if you have travel plans along i 70. be prepared for that. wider view across the state. again. fairly quiet here in the east. here comes our next approaching storm system. and push of moisture. there's the snow. ramping up with the winter weather advisory. and storm warnings. for the south and west. the snow into the central and northern mountains. late tomorrow. you may see a few light rain showers or flurry. in southeast colorado. >> >> into your thursday. so. in the meantime. the mountains northern and central mountains snow doesn't come in until late. doesn't get going until sunset. an inch or two. the snow will be heavier towards telluride. into durango. cortez. good 4 to 6. some places 7 or 8 inches. low temperatures tonight. it's cold. teens and 20s. most places. with single digits in greeley. across the northwest plateau in craig.
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a few 50s hang on in the southeast. i think our temperatures here in the northeast will be fairly similar to what we had today. maybe one or two degrees cooler. so. in and around mill kin. and windsor. greeley. and all in the upper 30s. duoto 43 lions. same into boulder. superior 44. north glen 45. i have 45 in the city. and staple ton. one degree better in aurora. and the on the south side of town. decent looking day. >> we stay below freezing. friday saturday sunday and monday. all of the 20s. back to 39 tuesday. you can see the snow. it's a light snow. less than an inch. thursday. and then a little better snow
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saturday morning. that might get us an inch or some places two. >> . nothing heavy on the snow. but with the cold temperatures. even a little bit will stick to the roads. and sidewalks will have to be shuffled again. >> . >> shoveled again. >> . we needed this thaw. after the stretch of the cold weather.
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>> we first introduced yo to the two police officers last summer. with their own strait story. but the gift of life brought them together in way they never thought possible. >> . >> your blood is toxic. >> a story on brighton police commander. battling kidney disease. >> . many u wife and i were sitting in bed. when we saw the news thing in july. when you did a clip. so we're sitting there watching it. and my wife just made the offhand comment. go get tested. >> .
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his search had been unsuck eszful. due to his 6 foot 4 sta stature. >> they weren't tall enough. that had been the battle. >> . if you're thinking he looks familiar. you're right. last summer a picture went viral. this was him off highway 76. holding a little girl. after her family was injured in a car accident. and now here he is again. this time he's giving a part of
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>> we never got a chance to meet the donors. this is a new territory. >> . to have the live tkoeg tphor be in the sail building that you work in. is more remarkable. scott hopes this will encourage others to step forward. this time for his brother. >> . i just am still pretty speechless. for someone tho give the gift of life. to somebody else. it's just, it's beyond words. >> . it sure is. both scott and nick will go into surgery monday. we wish them a quick recovery. if you're interested in being a donor. to scott's brother. or seeing if you're a match. go to the >> . fox 31 denver .com. >> . they are so important. >> .
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